July 11, 2007

(kind of) getting ready

i have about 2 months left in the US... but only 4 weeks left in baltimore! i'm going backpacking in california for 3 weeks, and then i'm taking a mini-road trip to visit family in RI, NY, CT, and MI. i'll be gone from july 19- aug 21, so i'm trying to get things done now. here's a list of some things i have to get done by september:

-back up everything on my computer
-buy digital camera
-get insurance for my laptop and aforementioned camera
-close one of my bank accounts
-make my parents co-signers on the bank accounts i won't be closing
-cancel my cell phone
-sign a power of attorney so my dad can do my taxes
-apply for an absentee ballot
-try to renew my license so it doesn't expire while i'm gone
-renew my credit card so it doesn't expire
-pack up my life for 2.25 years
-say goodbye to alot of people

so yeah, i have a lot on my mind. it will be worth it though!through yahoo groups and facebook i've met a few people who are also headed to the DR in september, and i'm getting really excited to go. nervous, but definitely excited.

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