December 12, 2007


so, tropical storm olga is passing over the island of hispaniola at this very moment and i am at a nice hotel with about 40 other volunteers. PC decided to consolidate us until the storm passes because of threats of flooding and the like. it's nice to be here with electricity, hot water, and internet access, but i was kind of bummed about the timing because i had some important activities planned for this week... i was going to start working on my community diagnostic and talking to some focus groups of students from the local high school. but, such is life and i will be able to pick things up once i get back to my site. i am going to take advantage of the wireless here and try to post some pictures. the first picture is a beach nearby, but since then i have found a prettier, closer beach so i will try to get some more pictures to entice you all to visit me. the second picture is from the road where i live, off in the distance is the coast... it's a beautiful view. the last two pictures are what my village and surrounding areas look like-- lots of green hills and cows. i hope these work...

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