May 26, 2008

creepy crawlies

so, things are hectic up here but overall going well. i've had some fellow volunteers come visit, which is always lots of fun and i get to show them all the pretty places near me. it's been really really hot recently, but just yesterday some clouds rolled in and i think it might be raining for a while now. in other news, two days ago i killed a huge tarantula that was in my house. remember those giant fuzzy ones that were behind the glass when you went on a field trip to the zoo or the aquarium? yeah? well here they like to come hang out in your house when it's about to rain (something to do with the humidity or the pressure or something) and it was very unsettling to see one just waiting to pounce on me. ok, apparently they are acutally really shy but they do bite. so then last night i was coming in from the backyard, carrying a bucket of water, when i noticed a big black thing on the outside wall of my house. i looked closer, and it was a SCORPION. or something that looks remarkably similar to a scorpion that has huge pinchy claws in front. i also killed that. hopefully today the streak will not continue because i do not enjoy those interactions. what else.. work is slowing down a little just right now which is great because i have a ton going on. i'm headed home for a week in august too, so that's something to really look forward to! i've got to go buy some dog food and then head back up to my community, but i'll try to post some more pictures soon.


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