January 14, 2009

quick pics

Since getting back to my site, I've been trying to go for a long walk every day with Fibi. I would like to say that it's part of some big plan or New Years' resolution to make sure I'm active every day and Fibi is too, but really it's just a good way to use up a good hour or two of my days. I've also been studying for the GREs basically every day, and I've read some great books (see the GoodReads link on the left). This Sunday my sex ed youth group hosted a visit from another group and it went really well-- in the morning we did activities like Jeopardy and mini-dramas, and in the afternoon we all headed to the beach.

This week I'm starting my second book club and continuing with the literacy tutoring I've been doing since the summer. I'm in town now and just spent 2 hours at the Oficialia, which is where you go to get birth and death certificates... I just had ONE question but nonetheless had to push and shove just to be heard, and even that took what seemed like forever. I'm going to meet with the families of 7 kids who still don't have birth certificates to try and get all the paperwork straightened out so that they can be declared--without them those kids won't be able to go to high school, open a bank account, legally get married, etc. And now I am headed to the supermarket to spend the equivalent of $2.50 (1% of my monthly salary) on one measly little chocolate bar. It's really good chocolate though, and I figure that if I have to splurge on something, it might as well be chocolate.

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