November 7, 2007

almost done

so, we have about 3 days left here and then it will be time to head back to the capital. i am pretty ready to ship out; constanza has been great but it's time for a change of scenery. this past weekend a fellow trainee and i painted a community center with our youth group, which was tiring but also really fun. there has been some pretty serious drama going on in their neighborhood involving theft, so i think it was good for them to have something positive to do for their community. monday we gave the group a talk on sexual health, and then today my friend derek and i gave a talk on teenage pregnancy to an 8th grade class in that neighborhood. i think we got the point across and the kids seemed to be interested which is the most important part. we fielded a few awkward questions but overall it was awesome. last night i helped my host sister yajaira put up a christmas tree and the christmas lights in front of our house, since the christmas season here apparently starts in early november... as usual, things with my family are crazy but i am totally used to it so it's fine. oh right, about tropical storm/hurricane noel... things here are fine. it rained for about a week straight and there was damage to certain areas of our city, but all of us are fine and in good health. there are certainly parts of the country that didn't fare so well, though. i don't really have any other news, but i did post some pictures from the DR onto my google account so you can look at them through the link on the right (at least, i think it's on the right). i will talk to everyone soon, and i hope all is well up there!

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