November 11, 2007

back in the capital

we made it back to the capital for a few more days of training, but the end is in sight. i am pretty psyched to get to my site and start working, although i am also feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact that i will be starting entirely from scratch. at the moment i am feeling a little bummed, i think mostly overwhelmed by the constant moving around and not wanting to be in this huge congested city. my site visit is on tuesday though, so it will be pretty exciting to see where i'll be living for the next 2 years and be out in the campo. in other news, today we went to the US embassy in santo domingo and went swimming in the pool there, which was really refreshing and a nice change of pace. then we ate at a little italian restaurant, which again was a nice change of pace from the rice and beans. tomorrow we are getting our cell phones issued, so i will email my phone number and please call me! i would love to hear from everyone. i will write again after my site visit and let you know how it goes.

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