February 8, 2008

more pictures!

more pictures of fibi! she is getting to be really playful...

lots of things have been going on here. on monday, i have to travel to the capital to present my community diagnostic, the project i have been working on for the past three months. i will be there for about a week, and upon my return i will move into my neW HOUSE! i can´t overemphasize how excited i am to move... my host mom takes care of me and is a good cook, but she also has a mean streak and i can´t wait to eat some food that isn´t cooked in three cups of oil. english class has been going well, they have their first test tomorrow! i´m also baking them a cake to celebrate. in march, there is a conference in the capital for youth health promoters (a really simplified explanation) and i am going to bring 2 kids from my community with me, so today i have to pick 2 out of the 5 that want to go... oh man! the weather has been pretty nice recently, not too hot. wednesday was ash wednesday so i can now say goodbye to meat on fridays for a while... no, i´m not actually catholic but everyone else is so it´s easier just to go along with it. i think that´s about all for now. i miss you all and hope all is well!

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caroline wgrillfest said...

you are pretty