March 14, 2008

semana santa begins..

well, things are going very well down here in the DR. my new house is lovely, albeit minimalist in its furnishings. i´m working on that though. fibi is growing incredibly quickly and is super cute. the sexual health conference was last weekend for my two youth and it went great... i am so proud of my kids. they learned a lot, made new friends, and got to see a whole new part of the country. this week i am headed to a very touristy part of the island to see some family friends who will be here, which i am very excited for. if only i had a camera. my english class is going well, we are having a little graduation on april 5 which they are all extremely excited for. today i woke up at 2 am to go on this pilgrimage walk to a shrine in the rock about 5 miles away from my village, it was painfully early and i am, you could say, running on empty right now but i´m glad i did it. tomorrow my youth group has a talent show at the local bar/dance hall to raise money for the club, and ithink it will be quite a sight,some of the acts are pretty ridiculous. i have to run, but soon i will be able to post PHOTOS with my entries so you can see where i live!!


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