March 27, 2008


this is fibi slash phoebe. she is getting bigger and bigger, the vet thinks she will get to be about 40 pounds which is a good size i think. there was a med mission of american vets near me this week, so i took her to get spayed. it was free, and they also gave her flea medicine and cut her toenails. i helped them translate. it was good.
this is me, obviously. the picture was taken in cabrera, the closest city to me. it´s nice.
this is my living room, as usual filled with children. they really love to play uno and have filled up about 500 coloring books already. sorry the picture is sideways, i am bad at technology.
this is my house! it needs a paint job and eventually ill get around to scrubbing that black stuff off (its caused by the rain dripping down or something) but its great. my landlady has recently opened her heart and for one reason or another has informed me that i no longer need to pay rent. its amazing. i am getting my rocking chairs fixed so i can have nice seats, and i just traded my neighbor for a tv. i know, so not peace corps, but it was a good deal and i gotta keep up with my telenovelas. hey, they wanted me to integrate into the culture.
this is my kitchen counter and stove. note the very not dangerous placement of gas tank about 4 feet from stove. if you can see i also have NATURE VALLEY granola bars which are a blessing from god. just like the red truck that drives through my town selling vegetables, announcing its presence over a bullhorn that says ¨the red truck has arrived, like a blessing from god¨. i bought a carrot and a cucumber and a pineapple from him the other day. you can see them on the table if you look hard.

ok i have to run but now you can see parts of my life here! look forward to more!

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Julia said...

Lily-- I think its so cool that you have your own house. And Fibi is sooo cute (by the way, I prefer the Spanish spelling).